Do you want to generate more leads through your website?

In this post, I will explain three different approaches to generating leads with content.

1. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a way of encouraging your visitors to give you their email address. And to do that you need to give them something valuable in exchange.

Some things that make great lead magnets are:

Tips for making a successful lead magnet

Try to look at it from the customers’ perspective: there is lots of interesting content out there – blogs, books, social media groups, forums. So the value of your lead magnet should outweigh any possible doubts your customers might have.

2. Quizzes

A quiz is a type of content your users won’t be searching for – you have to be the one who makes it appear in their newsfeed. So before promoting your quiz, think about a proper paid social campaign, invest time and effort in your quiz’s design, and consider a proper call to action that will resonate with users and make your quiz stand out.

Users don’t need a special reason to take part in a quiz. Often they are just looking for some fun and entertainment. And that’s the best thing about quizzes!

3. Webinars

There is just one key to generating leads with webinars: your topic. The success of your webinar will depend on the content. Just like with lead magnets, the most effective webinars promise the audience knowledge that will help them overcome a particular problem or improve their professional or personal lives.

Webinar’s don’t have to be ‘promotional’ or include a lot of information about your product or service. Your audience will attend to learn and find a way to solve their problem, so if you provide a comprehensive explanation of your topic, people will trust in your level of expertise. And when people trust you, there is no need to convince them to buy. A simple mention of your service or product will work as well as a whole webinar dedicated to it.