How do I remove malware?

Assuming you run antivirus software and have a firewall turned on, you can generally avoid malware by keeping all your software up to date and by not doing anything silly. Apple Macs and Microsoft Windows PCs are both vulnerable to malware. However, only Window ships with protection built-in. The awesome Microsoft’s Windows Defender. 1. No […]

PC or Tablet? Which one is best for your pet sitting business?

In recent years tablets have become more and more powerful. But can they replace your laptop? The answer to this question is YES! A tablet can definitely replace a laptop if you are comfortable typing on glass. However, most of us appreciate a keyboard and once you start adding external keyboards to a tablet you […]

Computer Troubleshooting Tips

Managing your pet sitting business online is great until something goes wrong with your computer. Downtime costs you money and could cause you to miss an appointment. Try following these simple troubleshooting steps if your computer has a problem. Reboot Sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to solve minor computer problems. If you […]

The Easy Way to Blog About Your Pet Sitting Business

Blogging about your pet business doesn’t have to difficult if you follow a simple 5 paragraph template. The format consists of an Introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a summary. Introduction The Introduction is your chance to present your idea and explain what you are writing about. After your title, your introduction is the most important […]

3 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Pet Business With Blogging

Do you want to generate more leads through your website? In this post, I will explain three different approaches to generating leads with content. 1. Lead Magnets A lead magnet is a way of encouraging your visitors to give you their email address. And to do that you need to give them something valuable in […]

How to build the best pet sitter website

Websites for Pet Sitters

Have a Clear Goal Every pet sitter is different because every one serves a different purpose. Do you want your website to provide information and entice potential clients to call you? Well, you have to build it with that goal in mind. If you want to sell products then you need to build your website […]