Blogging about your pet business doesn’t have to difficult if you follow a simple 5 paragraph template.

The format consists of an Introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a summary.


The Introduction is your chance to present your idea and explain what you are writing about. After your title, your introduction is the most important part of your blog. You need to grab the reader and draw them in. Make them want to read more and, at the same time, explain what you are writing about.

Three Supporting Paragraphs

The power of three is well known. 3 is the magic number.

If you only have one or two points your blog post won’t feel compelling or authoritative. If you have 4 or more your readers will get bored.

For example, If I tell you that every blog post should have a clear title, and then give you three good reasons why that is true, you are far more likely to heed my advice.

Give each point its own paragraph and use quotes, links, facts and/or stats to back up your point.


By now your reader should be convinced and you don’t need hammer the point home. You don’t want to bore them!

Wrap up with a summary paragraph and a call to action. Restate your main point (from the first paragraph) and tell your reader what you want them to do next. After all, they are not mind readers.

A typical call to action is a link to another page (or download), a request to get in touch or asking to leave a comment.

Do you follow a blogging template? Drop me an email. I would love to hear from you.